SCALE-Up Pitches on June 15

The company offers a software solution in a mixture of Saas and AIaaS that greatly simplifies the creation, testing and implementation of AI systems and can be integrated into all developed models and internal systems. This software solution also enables people with no knowledge of software development to create AI systems.


The company has developed a communication and monitoring system that provides real-time feedback to individual players, groups of players or the entire team during training. This makes training more effective and significantly reduces training interruptions.

The company has developed software for influencer marketing in the midmarket that allows companies to build a completely in-house managed influencer marketing process. The software covers the complete marketing process for handling influencer marketing.

The company specializes in innovations for smart cities and urban mobility, in particular the sustainable implementation of safe and attractive cycling infrastructure. The data generated with a privacy-compliant safety camera is analyzed by means of an Urban Data Platform for cities and implemented in infrastructure planning.

The company develops and markets human lifelike miniaturized organ models from human cells that accurately represent their biology and function. This revolutionizes the development of new active substances by increasing the transferability of data from drug testing to humans.

The company has developed an IT security solution for SMEs that ensures the secure operation of IT with easy-to-understand analyses and concrete recommendations for action. Through this solution, SMEs continuously receive holistic security analyses and automated solutions against cyber attacks.

The company specializes in the production of smart preservation and packaging solutions that provide corrosion protection even under extreme conditions. It also develops and sells antiviral and antibacterial materials. 

The company has developed a process for processing thermoplastics into powders for additive manufacturing. The resulting broader range of materials with high efficiency ensures a much wider range of applications for 3D printing, including mass production.

The company solves the significant environmental impact of fishing and fish farming by means of Aquaculture 2.0 – a new digitalized closed-loop technology geared to sustainability. Through this technology, an edible fish that is exemplary by both economic and ecological measures is being raised.

The company offers a novel process technology for semiconductor production. This technology optimizes the doping of wafers for power semiconductors and achieves a production cost reduction of up to 50%.

The company offers a digital therapy platform for mental health care that integrates the entire treatment chain. Furthermore, it is building its own therapy centers to achieve the best possible and sustainable therapy results for people with mental illnesses.

The company develops and markets highly reliable, molecular biological tests for early detection, therapy decision and follow-up in cancer diagnostics.

The company operates a digital, independent marketplace for freight forwarding, where companies can compare the prices of over 500 freight forwarders and book directly. In addition, the company offers SaaS solutions for freight forwarders to simplify digitalisation, save costs and win customers.

The company develops and markets polymer additives for plastics. These impart optimized or even new properties to plastic products, broadening the range of applications and improving performance while reducing energy and material consumption in plastics processing.

The company develops and markets innovative digital microscopy solutions for digitizing pathology, thus supporting medical professionals in rapid microscopic assessments. The microscopes are used during intraoperative consultations in cancer surgeries and allow pathologists to verify in seconds whether the tissue surgically removed during surgery is tumor-free at its edges.

The company acts as a „full-service provider“ for the implementation of medical care programs to prevent strokes. Using a screening app, the main cause of stroke is detected and documented with ECG-comparable accuracy.

The company’s multi-dimensional index technology enables the analysis of large amounts of structured and unstructured data. The software can easily be customised or integrated into AI applications.

The company offers quantum-based encryption technologies suitable for both fiber networks and systems for QKD satellite networks. In addition to QKD technology, the company will develop components and systems for quantum computers and biomedical imaging systems.

As a supplier to medical device manufacturers, the B2B company develops algorithms for cuff-based and cuffless cardiovascular diagnostics. The focus is on blood pressure measurement and pulse wave analysis, which can be used to predict the development of arterial diseases and high blood pressure.

The technology company offers hardware-based high-speed laser focusing that increases the sustainability of laser production and laser communication, significantly accelerating laser material processing.

The company offers switchable privacy products via a hardware-software combination that can be used for mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones in public spaces as well as in cars.

The company is developing an universal platform technology that can be used to transport active pharmaceutical substances or other cargos to specific target cells or tissues of the human body.

The highly specialised AI software company develops and distributes secure machine learning algorithms for the semi- and fully autonomous mobility of drones, helicopters, air taxis and vehicles. This is made possible by the unique fusion of various sensor technologies with advanced AI algorithms and a suitable, secure system architecture.

The company develops robots that use sensors to detect patients without contact and evaluate their movements and, in the future, vital data. This supports the mobilization of patients. In the future, robots will also be used for therapeutic and medical assessments.

The aim of the company is to close the gap in the forms of payment for travel bookings. With the solution, credit-financed travel bookings will be possible at the point of sale as well as online in the future.

The company has developed a software platform that enables the digital implementation of clinically proven therapies. The platform helps both with the implementation of the therapy, networks the increasingly digitised observation data of the patients with doctors and enables direct communication with the treating doctor.

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