Start-up Pitches on June 14

The company deploys state-of-the-art bio-analytics in food production. This includes the detection of pathogens and germs in the product and the optimization of bioreactors in the production of food and other nutrients and active ingredients.

The company develops and produces wireless, conductive electric street charging systems (ERS) that enable spontaneous, intelligent and automated charging of electric vehicles.

The company is developing an autonomous, multifunctional warehouse. Thanks to a simple modular principle, both small and large warehouses can be automated easily and flexibly.

The company offers a plug&produce-solution for increasing efficiency and saving resources in modular chemical/pharmaceutical processing plants.

The company develops products for surgery to enhance the quality of minimally invasive procedures and support surgical decision-making. These systems can be used with both new and existing instruments in surgery.

The company has developed a software platform that, as a digital thread, captures and interprets machine data from modern manufacturing systems and creates a user-specific digital twin. This makes it possible to work more efficiently, optimize processes and increase quality.


The company is developing AI-supported software for material analysis to determine the nature and quality of materials more precisely, easily and quickly. The software promises a more targeted development of new materials.

The company enables the use of industrial data across company boundaries without data access to industrial companies. This makes it possible to create synergies for efficiency and sustainability.


The company is building a platform to make therapies automated, safe and more patient-friendly and to be able to control them digitally. This leads to an improvement in patient safety and thus also enables new applications in telemedicine.

The company has developed a data protection-compliant platform that enables schools and companies to make information available for a variety of purposes. The data-saving solution makes it possible to support distance and face-to-face teaching as well as project organisation.

The company creates a platform that helps AI developers and physicians to advance medical solutions and bring them to market. In addition, algorithms have been developed that detect cancer more efficiently by personalizing the diagnostic process and incorporating all information, including the patient’s risk index, into statistical calculations.

The company is developing an enrolment device that enables the contactless enrolment of biometric features. The data captures are compatible with existing fingerprint databases of contact-based methods.

The company’s online platform can support planners and public institutions in site analysis. It automatically collects spatial data from different sources, analyses and visualises them. The efficient method can reduce costs and save resources.

The company has developed an app and matching hardware that allows table tennis players to connect, analyse games and measure progress. In addition, companies can place advertisements via the app and target athletes.

The company has developed a minimally invasive endoscope with which regions of the body that are difficult to access can be observed with subcellular resolution. The surrounding tissue is spared in the process. This makes it possible, for example, to conduct studies on the living brain and to gain further insights, e.g. in Alzheimer’s research.

The company has developed a prototype of a multiplex PCR-analogue rapid test chip for the detection of respiratory diseases. The accuracy of the result is equivalent to that of a PCR laboratory test, but can be completed within 25 minutes. The procedure is very simple and requires no additional equipment or trained personnel.

The company has developed microchips that are a compact combination of electronic (data analysis), photonic (data recognition) and biological (analyte) environments. This enables on-site analysis and the transition from a lab-on-chip to a real lab-in-app solution.

The company has developed an innovative reactor that efficiently and cost-effectively converts CO2, hydrogen and renewable electrical energy into e-fuels using cold plasma and a catalyst.

The company has developed multi-integrated ERP software focused on the hospitality industry. Real-time reports are generated to enable quick and better decisions.

The company has developed a virtual queuing system that allows people to join the queue from anywhere. This is designed to help companies and institutions improve their customer experience, build brand loyalty and create new revenue streams.

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